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Provision for the Year 2012-2013

Funding has increased for children who are eligible for free school meals or are looked after and for the year 2012-2013 this amounts to £623 per child. For forces children the amount increases to £250.  Our school will receive £14,456.  We are building on our successful interventions from last year.  The range of provision planned for this year is:-

  • For children in KS1 continue to target fine motor skills, handwriting, phonic and reading skills using teaching assistants to support small group interventions and SENCo support.
  • For children in KS2 we will provide small group support to enable progress to be made in writing composition, sentence skills and develop motivation and engagement in writing tasks.  This will be delivered by a leading teacher of English.  Further small group interventions will take place to improve phonic, spelling and grammar skills led by a teacher.
  • Purchase of resources to support group interventions and particularly for writing.
  • Purchase of books from a book list provided by Pearson Foundation and Booktrust  to engage in a national reading competition to encourage wider reading for those children in upper juniors.
  • Author residency to stimulate and motivate children to read and write.  
  • Enrichment opportunities will be provided for children through provision of gifted and talented materials which teachers will plan for children to access on a weekly basis.
  • Support for swimming lessons
  • Subsidising school trips

    Impact of Provision for Year 2012-2013

    The impact of this provision was monitored across the year and reviewed at the end of the year using teacher assessments and test results to analyse progress in areas targeted.  Motivation and engagement in writing increased considerably following our ‘Poet in Residence’ workshops for children.  Visitors to our school have commented upon how well children are engaged during writing activities.  Assessment of children’s levels in writing shows that progress varies with some children making better than expected progress whilst others need further focussed interventions.  This is an area which will continue to be targeted for some children next year.  Junior children were inspired through an excellent choice of books purchased from the reading competition book list and an on-line review of reading opportunity.  Children with targets to improve reading all made good progress according to our end of year assessment data.  All children made progress in swimming ability and some will continue to build on this progress next year to reach a target level for their age.

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