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Impact of Provision for Year 2011-2012

The impact of this provision was monitored across the year and reviewed at the end of the year using teacher assessments and test results to analyse progress in areas targeted.    All children made excellent progress in reading achieving above national average or average levels.  Progress was also made in writing helping to close the gap towards meeting national average levels.  Children accessing ELSA provision and social skills sessions felt that they had met their goals and didn’t feel they would need to continue with the support given. 

Provision for the Year 2011-2012

For the year 2011-2012 this amounted to £488 per child receiving free school meals and £200 for children in forces families.  Our school received £6,344.   The range of provision was:-

  • 1:1 support working towards individual targets led by  an experienced teacher
  • Small group sessions aimed at closing the gap in literacy attainment at KS1 focussing on fine motor skills, handwriting, phonics and reading skills.
  • Small group sessions aimed at developing reading comprehension skills and mathematical skills were provided in KS2
  • Resources were purchased to support group session learning at both key stages (Rapid Maths and Rapid Reading materials, Collins comprehension materials)
  • Additional support during PE lessons to focus children on key skills
  • Gifted and talented opportunities in extra-curricular music lessons (drumming) aimed at raising motivation and self esteem
  • Personal, social and emotional 1:1 support provided by a fully trained ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) allowing children to share concerns, worries and equip them with coping strategies
  • 1:1 social skills games with a support assistant to practice turn-taking, appropriate behaviour and reactions).
  • Subsidising school trips



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