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Reception Class (Foundation Stage – part of Early Years)


For children in their reception year (Foundation Stage, 4 and 5 year old children) the curriculum follows the the Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage.


In Early Years, as in Aldermaston C.E. Primary School as a whole, we strive to ensure that all our pupils can access a curriculum that is balanced, rich in diversity and differentiated to cater for a variety of abilities, interests and learning styles.

Underpinning our curriculum are the four principles of the Early Years Curriculum:

  • A unique child
  • Positive relationships
  • Enabling environments
  • Learning and development

Seven areas of learning are identified in the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage document:

The prime areas of:

  1. Communication and Language
  2. Physical Development
  3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The specific areas of:

  1. Literacy
  2. Maths
  3. Understanding of the World
  4. Expressive Arts and Design.

At Aldermaston we recognise that these areas are inextricably linked and are often taught and learnt alongside eachother. Through our implementation of the areas of learning, we aim to:

  • Focus on children’s interests and enthuse and motivate them to learn more.
  • Plan and create the curriculum imaginatively around the children to ensure that each individual child makes good progress with the development of their learning.
  • Provide stimulating and creative opportunities for “hands-on” learning using a range of environments, resources and contexts.
  • Ensure that the learning opportunities we provide enable children to develop a range of skills and competencies across several aspects of learning.
  • Use teaching staff and parents’/carers’ observations of children’s achievements to plan for their next steps.

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