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The Christian ethos of our school

The following seeks to define what we mean by Christian ethos (not an easy task!) and some of the ways in which it affects our school....

As a Church of England school and founded on Christian principles this school has a distinctive ethos.

This ‘Christian ethos’ is the heartbeat of our school and comes from the biblical understanding of God as the source of life and love. This dignifies human life and gives all people the capacity to reflect God’s goodness and beauty. Thankfulness, delight, respect, humility, compassion – all these qualities stem from our fundamental identity as those loved by God.

Every child therefore is uniquely precious and possesses immense potential for discovering and enjoying life in all its fullness – intellectually, physically and spiritually.  Enabling a child to see meaning  in their existence provides the foundation for a life which reaches beyond the material and instead looks for things that last.

Jesus said, ‘I have come that they may have life, life in all its fullness’. This underpins our ethos as a school.

So our Christian ethos is fundamental to our vision, values and aims. It is evident in our policies and in the commitment of members of the school team (teachers, support staff and governors).

It is evident each day in: the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere within the school; acts of collective worship; the provision of opportunities and areas for quiet contemplation and prayer; our teaching of Christian beliefs and respect for the principles of other religions; our strong links with the local and wider community; our connections with local churches, and the participation of Christian ministers in school life; our support for charities; our code of conduct, handling of behavioural issues, rewards and consequences; and the fullness and quality of relationships within the school. 

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